Saturday, 9 August 2014

Golf Day

This past Thursday our school had it's first Golf Day fundraiser.  We were so thankful to have so many participants come and support our school at the Middelburg Golf Club!

Four of our golf students participated in the event led by our school coach, Mr. Seopela.  The students thoroughly enjoyed the day even though it was a lot of work getting through 18 holes.
Two of our student golfers
At the end of the event we shared some delicious braai food along with great conversation.  Before the prize-giving we had an auction and pledging both to support our school which is aiming to build 4 more classrooms for next year.

The prize giving was a happy event and everyone went home with a prize, no matter their score!

The principal, our emcee for the night, Coach Seopela, and the first prize student winner
It was a wonderful day and we at Saint Peter cannot wait to make this an annual event.  God has blessed us greatly!
The principal, our emcee for the night, and the first prize adult winner

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Free Time

Think back to your school days and ask yourself what you would've done if you had free time.  Here's some things that our kids love to do when there's a few extra minutes to pass on their own:

1) Play soccer- If you let the kids go outside to play the boys will scrounge up a soccer ball from somewhere and start a match.  It's by far the most popular sport at our school!
Soccer match during recess
2) Read a book- Our kids don't have a lot of reading books at home so if I tell them they can read, draw, or do something quietly when they finish they're work, 90% of them will grab a book.  All of my books are science-themed and the kids especially love to read about animals.

Reading about different animals
3) Draw- Most of the students always carry an extra notebook which they use to doodle in when they have free time.  

4) Make a game-  I've seen kids draw up Tic-Tac-Toe boards or play other games at their tables.  Just the other day I saw a group draw a Snakes and Ladders game on a piece of paper.  They tore off a corner of an eraser to make into a die and made little game pieces.  Now that's being resourceful!

Snakes and Ladders game board with pieces

Playing Snakes and Ladders
5) Play school- I cannot even tell you the amount of times I've seen kids "play school" in school.  One student is selected as the teacher and writes out "worksheets" for the "students" to complete.  Then he/she marks them and gives them a report card!

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Friendly Soccer

The past few weeks our school has had visitors from our sister school in Arlington Heights, Illinois.  One thing that the group aimed to do was assist with our soccer team.  Not only that, they brought soccer uniforms and cleats and soccer balls!

The junior teams with two of our visitors and the coach!
Yesterday our 4 soccer teams played friendly matches against one another at our neighboring school, Mphanama.  We enjoyed the nice afternoon outdoors cheering on our boys as they worked hard during the matches.  One of my grade 4 students even kicked a goal! (Proud teacher moment!)

Sporting new uniforms with our school logo!
We hope to see the soccer teams continue to grow and challenge other schools around the area!  We thank God for providing this opportunity for our students!

Junior teams playing against one another

Sunday, 27 July 2014


Over our winter holidays from school we drove ten minutes outside of town to visit Botshabelo.  Now a historical site for people to visit it was originally a German mission station.  The term Botshabelo means 'Place of Refuge' in Northern Sotho.

The 4 missionaries standing outside the church
Today as you drive to the tiny historical village you might catch a glimpse of zebra, monkeys, warthog, springbok, or eland.  The village contains a church, parsonage, farm sheds, and Ndebele houses- all of which are slowly crumbling away.  I was once told that the church there was the first Lutheran church built in South Africa.  After doing some research online I don't think that statement is true, however, the church was originally Lutheran.

View up the hill to the church
Another short drive takes you to Fort Merensky which is now nothing more than a stone wall and a small tower, but was once used to protect the small village below.

It was an experience to step back into 1800-1900's South Africa, but unfortunately the place is not being preserved and eventually the buildings will be swallowed up by the plants and animals that live there.

Inside the church

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Future Plans

Although it was a difficult decision, I have decided that at the end of my "extended-year" contract in December, I will not be renewing for another year of missions in South Africa.

I have enjoyed my service immensely!  I've met such wonderful people, made lifelong friends, taught unforgettable students, and learned so much in these past years.  

I don't know what God holds for my future, but I do have the comfort in knowing that He holds it.  God knows what is next for me and I'm trying my best to not worry or be anxious and to let things fall into place.

Please pray for me as I prepare to return to the United States in just over four months and as I look into future job opportunities.

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." -Jeremiah 29:11